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Welcome to my website, this is a platform to share with you who I am and where I come from, the business I do , the companies I have and the personal experiences I enjoy. Thank you for visiting my website.

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I am Mohammed Mortada Al Dandashi, Managing Director of Al Ramz. I am a well-known businessman in the UAE mostly involved in financial markets. UAE has been my home for the past 25 years.

I am a father of five, two boys and three girls who I consider my life achievement.


Born January 1, 1971 in the Syrian Arab Republic, a self-made Syrian businessman residing in the United Arab Emirates and holding the position of Managing Director of Al Ramz Corporation for Investment and Development PJSC.

Al Dandashi held several board and committees’ memberships in various institution related the financial industry.


Al Ramz acquires Dubai-based securities brokerage Al Ramz acquires Dubai-based securities brokerage stars bg We anticipate the launch of our first fund as well as the acquisition of a Dubai based securities brokerage firm in the second quarter to boost our revenues
May 05, 2019 @
On economic prospects and capital market challenges On economic prospects and capital market challenges stars bg Mohammad Al Murtada Al Dandashi, Partner & Managing Director, Al Ramz Securities, on economic prospects and capital market challenges.
Al Ramz plans reverse takeover with DDC deal Al Ramz plans reverse takeover with DDC deal stars bg Al Ramz’s managing director Mohammad al Mortada Al Dandashi told UAE newspaper The National in 2014 that it planned to convert to a fully-fledged investment bank through an IPO
DUBAI, Nov 19 (Reuters), 2015
A Unique Success Story A Unique Success Story stars bg Al Ramz Corporation's Managing Director, Mohammad Al Murtada Al Dandashi speaks of how the company is staying relevant in a rapidly transforming financial landscape and delivering robust returns to investors.
Dec 2017 @ forbes magazine

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