My Personal


Rolex Day

Collector of Watches

My love for watches comes from my interest in time and precision. One’s perception of time exemplifies their approach to life which is fascinating to me. Time is important as it signifies peoples respect towards one and other. I have always appreciated and admired the detail in the making of watches and the hand craftsmanship that goes into it. Every watch is a portable timepiece. The detail and complex structures behind the face of the watch builds a timeless story that will carried for decades, and forever be appreciated and respected. The value a watch holds is profound and priceless, due to its ability to shape and retain experiences. Watches are symbols of my achievements and monumental moments in my life, and it signifies my growth not only as a business man, but also as a person. My favorite watch is the Rolex Day as it connotes a milestone in my life, that I had been striving to achieve for a while. This watch is a constant reminder of my diligence and represents my accomplishments.

Reading Books

Reading is something so simple yet has endless benefits to ones mind. It allows you to immerse into a new world where you are able to sharpen your mind, and view the world through someone else’s ideas and perceptions. Reading is a constant reminder that there are no limits when you want to educate yourself.

My love and appreciation for reading was established in the late years of my life where I was trying to elude from the overdose of pressure and stress, as a result of work. Reading allowed me to enter into a stress-free escape, where I was being both entertained and educated which was exactly what I was looking for. With every book I have read, there has always been something new that I have learnt which is why I love to read. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho.

Classical Art & Music

Fan of Classical music & art

I am a fan of classical music and also like to collect paintings, especially of new artists.

Love Sports

Sports has always been an important part if my life. From a young age, I have always enjoyed taking part in sporting activities, with football being my favorite. Through playing football at a young age, and having the privilege to manage on of Syria’s top football teams, it has allowed me to recognize the importance of resilience, not only as a person but as a team. I learned the importance of growing and reflecting from a failure or mistake, and turning something negative into something positive. I also love going to the gym as it encourages a healthy life style, and has an auspicious effect both physically and mentally. It is a great way to de-stress while benefiting your health.